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Frequently Asked Questions—Independent Living

  1. Are Adult Foster Care services available in Independent Living?
    Limited supportive services are available to the apartment condominiums connected to the Perry Center. Bundled hours of care, personal response and other care can be set up with our care staff.
  2. Are meals in the Perry Center dining room included?
    Monthly meal plans can be purchased, or meals can be purchase à la carte.
  3. Are Independent Living residents able to come and go as they please?
    Yes! While we strive to promote a feeling of comfort, support and security within our community, there are no restrictions keeping residents from enjoying life on their terms! The Perry Center front door is locked in the evening, however, residents are provided access to come and go.
  4. Are the Independent Living condominium apartments and cottages for sale, or for lease?
    Both! Perry Farm Village is unique because our Independent Living homes are owned by residents, families, trusts, etc. If owners decide to sell their home, it is sold through a realtor. If they choose, the owners can lease their home. Because they are individually owned, each home is differently appointed and the prices are determined by the owner. Leases are executed through the Perry Farm Village office.
  5. What size Independent Living homes does Perry Farm Village have?
    In addition to the free-standing cottages, there are 2-bedroom apartment condominiums with 2 full bathrooms, full kitchen, laundry and sun room, and 2 different sizes of 1-bedroom homes with a full bathroom, full kitchen, laundry and sun room. Because owners can redesign their homes, some homes may have slightly different layouts and/or features.
  6. If you purchase an Independent Living home, are there any fees associated with the purchase?
    Yes. The home owner will be responsible for the Perry Farm Village Association initiation/impact fee, along with the monthly dues.*
  7. If you lease an Independent Living home, are you responsible for the initiation/impact fee and monthly dues?
    No. The home owner is responsible for all fees associated with the Perry Farm Village Association.*
  8. Are there Independent Living homes available?
    Due to the size of our community, and demand for senior housing in the area, homes are not always available. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Perry Farm Village community, contact us, and if necessary, we will add your name to our waiting list and contact you as homes become available for sale or lease.
  9. Is there a fee to be on the Independent Living “waiting list”?
    No. Because we are assisting owners when they decide to lease their homes, we don’t require any kind of payment or fee for Independent Living.

*see Community Features and Benefits for list of amenities provided through the Perry Farm Village Association membership

Frequently Asked Questions—Adult Foster Care and Memory Care

  1. I’m not sure what kind of care or how much care is needed.
    We understand. Our team will complete a needs assessment to help determine the level of care that is most appropriate for your loved one. This assessment will help us develop an individualized care plan, which will be reviewed with you prior to move-in.
  2. What happens if needs increase and more care is required?
    No two situations are alike, that’s why we offer different levels of care services. Each level increases available services to help fulfill the resident’s changing needs.
  3. Will my loved one be left in their room waiting for the day to pass?
    No! We encourage engagement for all residents. By working with you, we will learn what your loved one enjoys, such as hobbies, activities, foods and games. With authentic connections, our care team will build upon your loved ones’ interests and likes to promote engagement and nurture stimulation. We plan daily activities to inspire each resident, striving to improve lifestyle, well-being and quality of life. The design of The Birches was very deliberate—from the wide hallways to the open spaces that provides endless exploring opportunities around the community.
  4. How can the gorgeous Michigan days be enjoyed at The Birches?
    Our large inviting courtyard allows opportunity to enjoy nature on appropriate days. The beautiful gardens and courtyard are open for enjoyment and are designed to allow exploration within the borders. An abundance of windows throughout the community allows the natural light and outdoor beauty to permeate throughout.
  5. Is the food basically “hospital” food?
    No. The chef-inspired, nutritiously balanced meals prepared in the Perry Center kitchen and served to our Independent Living residents, are also served at The Birches. Whether served in the apartment, or in our bright, spacious dining room, our meals are sure to please and satisfy all appetites!
  6. Are there places to get together with others?
    The Birches was specifically designed with multiple gathering areas, wide open spaces, and areas for personal and group engagement. The main living room area is highlighted with a gorgeous two-sided electric fireplace that provides a welcoming ambiance.
  7. How does a resident get regular medical care and attend appointments?
    Physicians and specialists regularly visit our community to serve our residents. Transportation is also available to shuttle residents to appointments in the Harbor Springs and Petoskey area.
Please Call (231) 526-1500 for more details graphic