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“With aging, you earn the right to be loyal to yourself.”

– Frances McDormand, Actor and Producer

The world as we knew it as children and young adults has continued to change and transform, and that can sometimes leave us feeling like we’re disconnected or out of touch. We also live in a society that is obsessed with youthfulness, so embracing and adapting to the changes we experience as we age can sometimes feel scary or uncomfortable.

Discussions of “aging gracefully” often focus on physical appearance, and less on how we think of ourselves or how connected we feel to our community. But the process of readjusting and realigning our sense of self as we move through life’s various stages is an important aspect of remaining vibrant. After all, who wants to feel stuck, stagnant, or stale?

As you go through the process of right-sizing your material possessions, consider what habits, ideas, and concepts of yourself you might be ready to shed, too. An honest assessment of what you want to do and what you can do can be quite freeing.

Are there tasks or chores that you’ve done for decades that you’re just ready to let go of? Make a list of everything you don’t feel like you can do anymore, physically, as well as things you feel aren’t important to you anymore. Who knows? This just might be the last winter you shovel snow!

However you choose to realign yourself, making space for your continued growth is the best way to be loyal to yourself, stay connected to your community, and, ultimately, age gracefully.

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